• The Heart Doesn’t Lead By Logic

    The heart doesn’t follow logic. That’s why it is so difficult for us, at times, to take the risk and see where the heart is trying to lead.
    We become afraid and fearful for our future. We don’t want to take a chance of losing all the things we’ve put in place to keep ourselves “safe”.


    The masculine energy is one of doing. It makes sure we have food to eat, a roof over our head, and money to live on. The masculine energy is one of survival. It’s also one of moving ahead and making things happen. It’s a necessary component- as long as it’s following the right directive.

    As a society, many men and women have lived from this energy for so long that it feels unsafe to allow themselves to feel, to let go, to let their own inner longings become their compass. The rules of the world and from our own upbringing are so deeply rooted in us that anything going against those rules of doing and making things happen can feel like failure, laziness, or irresponsibility.

    The feminine energy rides on emotions and it’s tied directly to your intuition. When we allow ourselves to take actions around what the feminine wants to do, rather that what the masculine tells us we “should” do, we are navigating life from a higher level – the level of the Higher Self.

    This Self knows what would be best for us.


    Its trusting what we hear that’s challenging!

    A young woman I was giving a Chakra Balancing reading to was going through a big transition in her life, and understandingly enough, she was scared. Her masculine energy told her she needed to be making decisions and moving forward in some particular direction. 

    But her feminine energy (her Higher Self), was telling her to enjoy this day- notice the flowers, the sun, the good things here and now. This Self knew she was only meant to explore at this time, and she was safe. She needed only to enjoy where she was.

    Her reading gave her the information her heart felt was true (which is evident in the fact she didn’t know which direction to move in, she’d just thought she should). She left in tears and relief, ready to enjoy the evening before her.

    When we follow the longings of our heart, coincidences happen!

    Recently, I struggled with a decision to step back from my business goals and make time for more reflection and solitude.  My masculine energy told me (sometimes, shouting!) what I should be doing and the projects I needed to accomplish.

    But my feminine and longing was to take a writing class, a craft I hadn’t engaged in seriously for over a year. What did I do? I followed the heart.

    In the class, I reconnected with an old friend who also wanted to recapture her love of writing. Now, the two of us have set regular writing dates to practice our craft and share.

    Spirit knows a way where human eyes do not. – Louise Hay

    Take a chance, trust your heart. What is it you’re longing to do?

    You just might be pleasantly surprised!