• The One Answer to Any Problem

    It doesn’t matter if it’s your relationship, your job, your health, your bank account, your children. There is only one answer to any problem.

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    By this, I do not mean we just accept our conditions, though that is most likely the first step we need to take. The acceptance I speak of here is the acceptance that every circumstance is an opportunity to rely on the Love inside of us. Every situation teaches us about ourselves and the places we are still resisting our relationship to that Love.

    It’s our relationship to our Self we are reconnecting to – not the lack of love from another, not the loss of a job or client, not the behavior of our children. It is about us and where we open or close our hearts.

    When we stop trying to fix what’s on the outside to feel comfortable on the inside, we can be with that discomfort while accepting where we are. In that place of allowance, when we really reach it, we touch our natural state of peace and love and reconnect to our one true relationship – the relationship with Self.

    We feel calmer, more serene, more centered when we know Love is Who We Are. We trust our oneness with It, therefore, we trust our safety, our prosperity, and our happiness is there, too, right now. There can be no other way if we are truly accepting of this fact.

    The challenge is we may understand this on an intellectual level but not really believe it. We keep thinking we have to do something, grow more, learn more, or work through “our stuff” in order to experience a life of peace, grace, and joy. But it’s so much simpler than that – God says, “Let me bring you home to Love.” And we say, “Ok.”

    That’s it.

    But what do we do with all those messy feelings that get caught up in the mix? Those feelings of desperation, fear, abandonment, sadness, anger, and the like? What do we do with them? How do we possibly feel our oneness when inside we feel anything but? How do we find our way home again?

    Again, acceptance. We live in a human form, as well as a Divine one. It is this Union we must accept. Our feelings, our emotions, around any situation only become a hindrance if we fight them or suppress them. Connection to anyone or anything is really connecting to the love inside ourselves, to our own heart – where Our Source literally lives in our bodies.

    “You are a thought of the Universe. This thought, or idea, is what you seek. It can be found only at its source. Its source is love, and its location is your own heart.” – The Course of Love

    We must look at the emotions stirring within us and make them welcome, all of them. Embracing ourselves right where we are is how we reconnect to our Selves. We return to our bodies and feel grounded because we invited in unconditional Love.

    Peace is our birthright, abundance is our birthright, giving and receiving love is our birthright. Accept this truth, accept yourself where you are, let go of anything beyond this two ideas, and all problems lose their power.

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