• The One Thought to Bring About Miracles

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    It was one of the most difficult times in my life, relocating to South Carolina, feeling estranged from my husband, and working 14-hour days in a new school.  Every day was a practice in faith. Small gifts of unexpected joy came from a cup of coffee, laughter with my students, and having a Unity church close by to attend each Sunday. I coveted every little offering of grace that relieved me from my fear and grief over an unraveling marriage and depleting job. I’m not going to say it was easy, but it showed me the power that comes from trusting a Loving Source I could not see.

    When challenges come, and they will, when things fall apart, and they do, when change forces us to move through things we ‘d rather not, and it does, this one thought is what we must dedicate ourselves to in order to bring about miracles.

    “God”, that’s it- that’s the thought. Don’t try to define It, figure It out, or explain how It works, we need only remember God is here in the midst of this mess.

    Not knowing is our saving grace. When we try to figure out how God will work this out for good, or what’s going to happen next, or what we need to do about such and such, we limit our experience of an Omnipotent Creator. You don’t know. And that’s the point.

    There is strength in complete surrender and total reliance. When we radically trust in a Higher Power, we leave open a chasm of space for anything to happen. We let go of our desires completely and await for the story to unfold, living in just this moment.

    Back then, meditation was one of the few times I felt at peace, but it reassured me all was under control. “Be still and know that I am God” means don’t try to predict or analyze. Our job is to be still and recognize our unity with Source. We did not create ourselves, and therefore, have no idea of what God has in mind.

    But how do you stop the fear and worry?

    By reminding yourself, “I and the Father are one.” There can be no separation and therefore only love – in whatever form is needed to bring a state of harmony and peace- will prevail.

    A year later, my husband and I divorced, and I left the world of public schools. I’m not going to lie, pain and heartache arose many times over, but any grief that came from my loss could never compare to the gifts of gratitude and joy I received. Life continued to unfold, and more and more good continued to enter my life. Today I am in a loving relationship, sharing a beautiful home with my partner, and doing work that utilizes my gifts and talents.

    I’m not going to tell you my life is perfect because I still have rocky days of fear or sadness or confusion. But I will tell you, I get through them with a lot more grace and groundedness by doing these three things:

    • Accept that this is what is unfolding for you today – whatever it is. You don’t have to like it, but there is relief in the acceptance.
    • Accept “I and the Father are one”. Not knowing how, but knowing you are one with the only Power there is, is to accept love will prevail. And this includes love for you.
    • Actively wait in gratitude for the good that is coming from this.

    Life will continue to move, but we will travel it with greater ease and peace as we radically accept, without knowing how, we are one with Our Source of Being and love is the outcome.



    You Will Know Your Truth When You Feel Peace

    Trust Life is Leading You to Your Good

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