• The ONLY Action That Changes Everything

    I woke up this morning with a list of things buzzing in my head like annoying bees – call back Robin, text Steve, reschedule my client, pay those bills, make copies of those tax papers- and the list went on. Before I knew it, my mind was whirling, my shoulders were tense, and I wanted to scream, “I need more time!”

    In the past, I would have whipped open my computer, started texting my friend, and calling my client in a matter of seconds, thinking “the less on my plate, the more relaxed I’ll be.” But now I know better. I know the only action that matters. I know what I MUST do if I want my world, my life, and any endeavor I take on to work out in the best, most miraculous manner possible.

    I must stop and reclaim my peace. Peace of mind is the root cause for any effective outcome. Not only that, it feels good!



    But in order to have it, I must make it my top priority. We are vibrational beings, emanating energy into everything we do. If I start out from a place of pressure and angst, that’s what I’ll project into whatever actions follows. But, if I make peace my priority that’s the powerful frequency of energy I’ll put into whatever I do next.

    It’s not about what you do, it’s about what you’re feeling while you’re doing. It’s about taking the time to get centered, calm, compassionate, and peaceful. Some type of meditation or stilling of the mind is the key to cultivating such a powerful focal point that will effect any outcome.

    If the purpose of your life is to feel good while you’re here and be happy, then make your serenity your priority, act from that place, and watch with happy anticipation how your day unfolds!

    1-    Get calm

    2-    Get connected to your Peace (the Source within you)

    3-    Take your next action

    4-    Repeat as necessary

    Be willing to align with the higher vibration, and miracles happen!

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