• The Best Decision I Ever Made

    I know what it’s like to struggle over a decision – whether it’s something small like whether I should buy a tube of lipstick, or something big like do I invest this money to go further in my life?

    I’ve felt the angst in my body, the inability to fully relax, and the dreaded, “What’s the right thing to do?”

    What compounds this even further is any feelings of guilt or obligation I may have by saying no.

    Or, worse, second guessing myself and wondering, “What if this showed up because I’m supposed to do this right now?”

    All of this can make even the simplest decision feel seem like life or death, right?

    But I discovered a simple tool to help me feel good about any decision I make. It takes a little practice to get there, but the reward is totally worth it. I feel better about myself and confident about my decision.

    I wanted to share this tool with you, so you could begin to feel more confidence in you and your choices, as well.

    Check out the video here.


    Life’s too short to spend our time stressing over decisions.

    Confidence comes from Connection.



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