• Trust Life is Leading You to Your Good



    Life is leading you to your good. It’s hard to say that at times. I mean, when someone leaves you, something breaks down in your home, or your dream falls apart, you feel the pain of those things leaving and question what you’re doing wrong.

    But here’s the thing. Life is always leading you to your good. It’s only when we resist what’s going on that we see it as bad thing. That doesn’t mean we don’t grieve our losses or not like what’s going on. But it does mean we don’t resist the river. Instead we trust the Intelligence behind it.

    Just look at nature. Left to its own devices, nature when faced with obstacles will adapt, grow, and change in order to thrive. It neither fears, nor takes personally whatever enters upon its path. Instead, it morphs its shape and continues to grow. Every branch, fish, or flower follows an innate instinct that moves it toward the sun, water, or food needed to continue its evolution. Not consciously, perhaps, but in nature’s mind, its progress is not in question. It’s a given.

    Nature’s ability to thrive depends upon trusting the life force that is living within it. So does yours.

    As A Course of Love reminds us, “Ages have passed…and still you have not learned the lesson of the birds of the air or the flowers of the field.  The lilies of the field neither sow nor reap and yet they are provided for. The birds of the air live to sing a song of gladness. So do you.”

    Joy is your birthright. The Life Force within you leads to what would be most satisfying for your being at this time. Knowing this, however, often requires faith in the interim when things don’t look so good.

    In 2005, I questioned God’s decision to bring me down to Charlotte, placing me in a job that burned me out and a marriage breaking apart. I sat in my meditation chair one day and asked, “God, do I really have to be grateful for all of this?” In the quiet, I heard a voice inside me say, “Be grateful for what is coming from this.”

    It took faith to sit tight on the train wreck of my life when I desperately wanted to flee. It took faith to show up for the day, the hour, the minute I stood in front of whoever and whatever I was facing and be present with the situation until I knew what the right decision for me was. It took faith to believe in miracles and await the good that was coming.

    But A Course of Love reminds us, “For calling on miracles is an act of faith.” And so, I waited.  

    Then one day it came.  Inwardly, I heard, “It’s okay for you to leave.” It came sure and steady and full of peace. So, in June of 2006, I left the job, separated from my marriage, and rented a room in Charlotte.

    What came from that difficult year was a faith deeply rooted in trust and patience. What followed that year could only be described as miraculous (see my book Peace, Power, and Miracles).

    If we could meet each moment with non-interference, non-resistance, and non-judgement, and hold fast to what’s true – I am loved and cared for by Life – we would be in awe of what unfolds.

    So stand at the threshold of each moment with curiosity rather than opinion. It may take time for the wrapping to come undone, the packaging to be removed, but in that box is a gift of Love meant entirely for you. On this you can trust.


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