• Trust What Feels Good

    When you think of the tasks you have set for yourself today, how do they feel? Do they get you excited or do they give you, as life coach and author, Martha Beck, puts it, “a shackle on” feeling?
    Recently, I woke up with a heaviness in my body that I couldn’t pin point to anything in my life. There was nothing that was really wrong. In fact,  some pretty miraculous things have taken place over the last month. One of which being, I now have more free time in my schedule to begin writing my book.
    But on this particular day, it wasn’t writing that was connecting me to a sense of wonder and joy. It was the idea of trying new things on my own, such as cooking (yes, I said it), dancing, and exploring places within the area.
    As I started to imagine what I could do or where I could find information for these things, my mind stepped in and said, you better sit yourself down and write something or you’re going to waste this time! Fortunately, I know something my mind does not.
    The best ways to accomplish your goals is to follow where the energy pulls you. This means, no matter what I am hoping to accomplish, if I’m following the longing in my heart that brings me relief, joy, or peace, then I’m going to reach those goals in a more miraculous way and save myself a lot of time and energy in the process.
    And so what did I do? I did what I always do to stay connected to my Spirit-
    1. Notice my emotions
    2. Pray and ask for the truth to be revealed about this
    3. Pay attention to any images or thoughts that feel lighter, more loving, or bring a sense of joy
    4. Follow through on what I received
    So I went to my computer and before I wrote this article, I looked up some meetup groups I was interested in and readjusted my schedule so I could gather information on fun opportunities I’d like to try in the near future.
    The results?  This article flowed easily out of me in 10 minutes, and secondly, I felt lighter and more positive in my body. But that’s not all, later that day a friend sent me a text inviting me to join her in the mountains that weekend (I was planning on exploring anyway, but with a friend sounded even better!) AND, I decided to go to a coffee networking group the next morning because it sounded fun and connected a woman whom I connected with that wished to help me achieve my goals with my book in exchange for coaching. Viola! Additional support from the Universe:)
    Trust the Universe wants you to be happy. But sometimes we must be willing to give up our to-do list and allow ourselves to do what feels good. What needs to get done will get done, but more importantly, miracles will be the medium to get us there.
    Needing a spiritual perspective and practical actions for your circumstances? Call for a free consultation. Discover a life of peace, power, and miracles!
    I was struggling with a decision and received clarity to hear what my heart was calling me to do. This gave me confirmation and courage to take action toward that decision. Thanks!!”
                                                                -Cindy B.
    Going through a transition and wondering where it’s all going?
    Pick up your free e- book in the side bar to the right, and trust!
     You are safe, you are loved, you are led – always!
    Dawn Petalino

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