• Trusting Outcomes

    We all have times of doubt and uncertainty; times we wonder if our future is safe or if things will be okay. We pray, but we worry how it’s all going to turn out, if our health will improve, the money will come, or if we’ll find a loving relationship. At those times, we must trust Life more than we trust appearances.
    Easier said than done? Here’s a way to help you trust when your life seems in turmoil.
    First, trust is a commitment. Trust is saying I will believe even when things look bad, wrong, or downright scary.  Trust is telling the Universe, “Look, You created me, and it’s You I am trusting, not these circumstances.”
    When the job fails, or the relationship ends, or the thing you really wanted falls through, that’s when commitment comes in. It’s our commitment that things turn around. We trust Love more than fear. It’s our commitment to trusting that Love that changes our lives.
    Thinking that we are being punished by the Universe because we did the wrong thing or followed the wrong path and, thus, landed in this mess is our only mistake.
    EVERYTHING can be used for good. ANYTHING can turn around in a blink of an eye and change your circumstances on your behalf.  What seems like a mistake can be the exact thing that leads you to your dreams.
    If you see a child riding their bike down the street and unbeknownst to them, there’s a large unmarked construction hole 20 feet ahead, you’d stop that child if you could, even if it meant knocking them over on their bike, resulting in a few necessary bruises.  That child would not only have avoided a catastrophe, she most likely would have learned something, and perhaps discovered a better route than her original one.
    Same goes for you and me. Often, our setbacks are the very things that help us avoid a major collision later. Those same setbacks can set the stage for another path we hadn’t thought of, one that’s easier, better, and more joyful than the one we planned.
    If there are things in your life that would bring you more freedom and joy – paying off your debts, traveling, getting into a loving relationship, buying a home, or changing your career to something you love – you must recognize your Source. Your Source is unlimited by circumstances, your past, or the economy. This Source knows an easier way for your dreams to be realized. You, however, must trust.
    When things look the darkest, when it feels like you’ve been trying for so long, when you just can’t go another step, that’s when you must remain faithful to what you know not what you see. The dream was placed in your heart by a Power Greater than you. God does not give you a dream without knowing how it will be achieved. You more than likely will not know the way, but God does.
    Hold on. You were meant for wonderful things – and that doesn’t necessarily mean fame, it may mean owning several acres of land in which to cultivate a beautiful garden if that’s what makes your heart sing. God is unlimited, which means your resources can come from anywhere at any time!
    So when you feel discouraged because you want someone special in your life, or a job that feeds your soul, or a home of your own, or a healthier, more attractive body, do these 4 things:
    1. Ask God (or the Universe, or Divine Intelligence, whatever fits for you) for what’s in your heart. Feel the longing of it, and know if it’s in your heart, there’s a way for it to come into fruition.
    2. Look for what you already have in your life, or comes into your life, that resembles what you desire. For instance, notice where you do receive love and feel special, notice the parts of your work you do like or enjoy, notice what things you have that you can call your own or would love to put in your new home, or appreciate the parts of your body you feel are beautiful or healthy now. Appreciate what is here. How will you know when your good comes if you can’t recognize the good here now?
    3. Let yourself be human. We all have moments of grieving, sadness, and despair. Give yourself an internal hug when parts of you feel discouraged. Don’t push them away. Accept what’s here and tell yourself repeatedly, lovingly, “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”
    4. Commit. Commit to the truth that your Source is unlimited. Your Source loves you, and this Source is bringing these things, or something even better, into your life. You may not know when, but they are on their way. Don’t be afraid. The truth is it is all happening perfectly. Just remember, you don’t know what perfect looks like, which is why you’re only job is to commit to knowing the truth – You are safe, you are loved, and you are provided for.
    Do not be fooled by circumstance. God is not limited by circumstance. When you ask this Power for help, you move beyond circumstances, beyond the past, beyond the limits of this world. You are drawing on a larger Power than yourself. Trust in that Power with your life!
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