• Using the Body to Make Decisions

    When you are on the threshold of making any decision, you may consult experts, friends, books, and Google. But don’t let your decision-making end there. For ultimately, the best decisions are those made in alignment with who you are and for that, you must consult the heart.

    The Heartmath Institute, a non-profit organization that researches the connection between the brain and heart to empower others to better recognize and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence, conducted studies on the effects of heart coherence and intuition. The results provided evidence to suggest the physical heart is connected to a field of information not bound by the classical limits of time and space.

    What this means is when you want to access the wisdom to make the best decision in harmony with your life and others, the mind is not where you must turn. Instead, you must go within, align, and ask the heart.

    How do you do this? The process can be done in 6 simple steps.

    Aligning and Asking the Heart for Guidance

    1. Sit quietly in an area where you can be alone.
    2. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, and visualize breathing through your heart. Continue until you feel your nervous system begin to calm.
    3. Think of something you are genuinely grateful for – a warm shower, a cup of coffee, a pet, neighbor, sunlight, laughter – whatever you can genuinely appreciate. Stay there until your heart softens.
    4. Now ask yourself, “How does my body feel about doing ‘x’?” Your mind may wish to jump in with “what if” scenarios, judgements, and a list of pros and cons. That’s okay, just remind yourself you’re doing an experiment. Ask the question until you can focus just on your body sensations. Does your body relax? Does it feel joyful? Is there a sense of peace or relief? Or does it feel tense, guarded, or angry?
    5. Now try on the other decision. Ask yourself, “How does my body feel about doing ‘y’? Again, check for signs of tension or relief. Anger or joy. Fear or peace.Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the sensations are more distinct. You don’t have to act on anything, you’re just gathering information.
    6. Ask yourself, “If I were to do this, what would be my next step?”

    You may be surprised by the ordinariness of the answer. Often times, our intuition will not tell us to move locations, but it may tell us to declutter a closet. It may not tell us to leave a job, but it may tell us to spend time in nature or read a particular book. It may not tell us to walk away from a marriage, but it may tell us to speak to a particular person we know or seek out a support group.

    Listen to it. Act on it. You will be surprised by how one small step begins answering the bigger questions.

    I’ve done this practice many times in my life, in fact, with every decision I make I check in with my body as part of “gathering information.” Following it has earned me unexpected income, inspired the writing of books, brought me in contact with my next client, showed me where to live, told me when to leave a marriage, directed a new career, and led me to a “chance” meeting with my soulmate.

    It’s important to note, following your heart does not mean it won’t require effort and change on your part. It will. And that’s not always easy to hear because two things human beings try to avoid are effort and change. But it will also open magical doors where resources, support, ideas, and information can enter in, moving you further along your path. Life becomes a bit miraculous for a while. We learn we can depend on this Higher Self or Higher Consciousness for any decision.

    The only requirement is willingness. You must be willing to ask, listen, and follow in order to reap the rewards. If you do, your life can only expand to higher levels of joy, harmony, and freedom. Why? Because that’s what Love does.

    And Love is who you are.

    “You may be afraid of His specificity, for fear of what you think it will demand of you. Yet only by asking will you learn that nothing of God demands anything of you.  God gives; He does not take. When you refuse to ask, it is because you believe that asking is taking rather than sharing.”

    A Course in Miracles

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