• Waiting for Momentum Before You Act

    Isn’t it wonderful to have an inspired idea? You get all charged and excited about what it would be like for such and such to happen. Of course, the very next thought is, “How can I make this happen?”

    You have plans, I have plans. It’s what we do. We set goals and take action because that’s how things get done, right? Isn’t there the saying, “without a plan, you’re planning to fail”?

    There’s no doubt you would get things done, and may even get some of the results you were after.

    But you will also be limiting yourself while burning yourself out in the process.


    Because you’re running on your own energy, on your own momentum. Which, when you’re fired up is a good thing.

    But what about when the idea of doing more becomes a burden you’d rather be done with? What about when your energy depletes to the point all you want to do is sit and stare at the clouds for hours? What about when you look at your list and think, “I can’t do this one more day”.

    What then?

    Then stop.

    Just stop.

    Your body and your spirit are telling you now is not the time. You either need a break that lasts a few minutes, or one that lasts a few months. The more we push the longer it’ll take our bodies to recover.

    When you could have had a miracle instead.

    You leverage any action when you’re in alignment with the Source inside of you.

    By following your feelings, you enter the flow of Energy and True Power within you.

    You ride the wave of flow versus one of force.

    That doesn’t mean there won’t be any action or effort required on your part. But you’re going to notice a difference in  your energy level when your Higher Self’s inspiration is behind the motivation instead of your own determination.

    And don’t be surprised to find this momentum coming in waves – high productivity followed by rest. It doesn’t mean you aren’t motivated, doing enough, or destined to fail just because you’ve stopped moving for the moment.

    In fact, you’re working smarter, not harder. You’re waiting for Union with your Self before taking action. And not just any action, inspired action!

    What’s the difference? One comes from your brain as “should”, the other from your body as a “want to”.

    Follow the flow of desire and you find your Source at the root.

    It’s the difference between creating something, so you can applaud your hard work, or creating something that works beyond you to applaud Life.

    In other words, you make the way for miracles, beyond of what you’re even aware.

    So next time you want to move a mountain, my suggestion? Wait for the mountain to begin to move. It’ll be a whole lot easier.

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  • Sally Jo Capozio says:Reply
    May 20, 2017 at 7:45 AM

    Hi Dawn I embarrassed to say I really didn’t realize exactly what it was you did nor the depth of it. I can say that my understanding of it couldn’t have come at a better time-though that’s how God works doesn’t He?
    Your writing has left me eager for more information and I thank you for that.

    • Dawn Petalino says:Reply
      May 23, 2017 at 10:37 AM

      I totally agree, Sally Jo! God definitely puts us right where we need to be to grow and receive more Love in our lives. Glad to have you on board! And wonderful to connect with you, again:)