• Waiting When Doors Close

    There are times in our lives where things flow in fast motion, so much so, it’s hard for us to keep up with all the good coming our way. Though it can feel overwhelming, a part of us gets excited about all this movement. It feels as if “things are happening” and we are finally moving forward.
    Then it’s as if Life puts on the emergency brake and everything stops – the deal we were ready to make falls through, the phone calls die off, or the plans we spent so much time making go under. The river of good that only moments before seemed to surge with a euphoric flow has dwindled down to a disappointing trickle.
    “What went wrong?” we ask, shaking our heads in confusion. What did we do, or not do, that has made the Universe come to a grinding halt? Where did we miss the sign, the phone call, the opportunity that if only we had taken, we wouldn’t be in this stagnant pond right now?!
    The answer is we didn’t miss a thing. We are being asked to stand still, to wait for the next surge of motion. We can get on such a spiritual high when things are “flowing” our way, and yet, fall with a crash of self-condemnation when they seem to stop. We spend our down time worrying if we’re in the right spot, or doing the right thing. We question our choices and our future.
    But remember, when the Universe attempts to give us the thing that would make our hearts sing and our joy and creativity grow, the journey to such treasures can often cross what would appear to be a desert in worldly eyes.


    But this is the exact time that Life is rearranging the pieces, bringing to us a better way, an easier path than if we’d extended all the effort we anticipated we’d have to give.  In these moments, when like the eye of a hurricane, all the motion has stopped, we are asked to just stand still.
    If you’re like me, standing still can be difficult, especially when you are used to a lot of motion and a part of you takes pride in “getting things done”.  But it’s this exact energy that needs to take a step back and wait. Try not to get discouraged. Like a child at Christmas, waiting can also be anticipating good things to come, even if when feels uncertain now.
    To help calm yourself down during this time of “patience” try these steps.  
    1. Notice when an odd silence seems to settle after a whirl of motion. This in and of itself is a sign of changes are taking place behind the scenes.
    2. Thank the Universe for this time to stand still, to take a breath after so much movement, and notice the things around you you’re grateful for, now that have time to appreciate them.
    3. Rather than do all the things you feel you “should” be doing just to keep yourself in motion, look to the thing you feel inspired to do.Don’t be surprised if it’s in a completely different arena than where you previously put your attention.
    4. Wait and trust. The Universe hasn’t dropped you yet, and It hasn’t stopped working on your behalf, it’s only moving in a different direction – one you hadn’t thought of yet!

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