• What Are (and What Aren’t) Intentions

    The word “intention” has become commonplace in New Age and consciousness circles, and for good reason. Intention is our desire to live the life we wish to live. It dictates our behavior and provides a path- I intend to be in a loving relationship with my soulmate, I intend to have a job in which I feel alive and pays well, I intend to have a healthy, strong, attractive body.These intentions feel good. They give us some control in our life and a direction to head. We look at our intentions and begin to take actions to create them.writing-out-intentions

    I, too, would set intentions in order to create a desired result. I would see a coaching client and say to myself, “I intend to be truly helpful to this person and have a successful session in which we are both well pleased.” The sessions would always go well, but afterward I’d feel drained and relieved it was over.

    The problem with my intention was looking for a desired outcome.  I was trusting in my own strength and power to “make” something happen- a new insight, a brilliant strategy, or a new attitude my client would adopt in order to have a “successful” session.  These things would happen, but they’d happen with a kind of warrior force behind them.  I’d feel pressure to perform, to do it right, and to create what I intended. Needless to say, I began disliking the word “intention”.

    When intentions are outer-directed, it puts our personal will in control. Not a very powerful force.

    A better way of creating intentions is to become more inner-directed. This means our intentions change from:

    “I intend to be in a loving relationship with my soulmate” to “I intend to be in partnership with others and to give and receive love.”

    “I intend to be in a fulfilling job that I feel alive in and pays well” to “I intend to feel more alive in my life and notice all the ways the Universe supports me.”

    “I intend to have a strong, attractive, healthy body” to “I intend to love and appreciate my body”.

    These intentions involve the deeper desires of our heart, our desire for love, joy, connection, creativity, security, and a sense of aliveness.  They put our Higher Self in charge. We understand the what, but we not the how, which means we are paying attention in a moment by moment basis always going back to our intention, our North Star, in each and every circumstance.

    This is how we stay present to our Source. This is how we build self-worth. This how we live our lives consciously connected to our Spirit.

    Don’t worry, the job, the relationship, the health will come, in ways even better than you imagined.

    Stick with what you truly have control over, relax, and release the results to God.

    This is your true Power.

    In Love and Peace,



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