• What’s Your Love IQ?

    When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of spending time with a romantic partner, someone we love and trust, who supports and listens to us. We think of someone we can depend upon to be there, to help us or hold us, depending on the situation.
    We think of someone who cares about our likes and dislikes, our thoughts and our emotions, who loves us unconditionally.
    That’s the ideal, anyway:)
    The truth is, if we really want to have that kind of love in our life, it has to come from us. Another person is just that, another person- another fallible human being. The real love we seek comes from giving this type of relationship to ourselves. It’s the love we build with our Higher Self inside that becomes unconditional.

     Reconnection picture

    Your love IQ is the ability you have to be all those things for yourself.
    I was a very reluctant learner in giving myself the support, attention, and acceptance I so desperately wanted from a partner. It was only after finding myself, again, burned out on a job and struggling in another painful relationship, five years after a divorce, that I realized the only thing common to both those experiences was me.
     Then I got serious.
    What changed?
    I began to cultivate self-compassion. And that, changed everything. I began to be with myself the way I wanted another to be with me. In essence, I began to love myself and feel the unconditional love of my Higher Self.
    How do you raise your Love IQ?
    If you really want to have love, support, acceptance, and understanding from another, you must first cultivate it within yourself – otherwise you will never recognize it.
    So how much compassion do you have for yourself? I found a great Self-Compassion Test you can take to find out.  Just click the link below.
    Begin today. Become the person you want to find and you may be surprised what happens to your relationship!
    What better time to begin a loving relationship with yourself than Valentine’s Day?

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