• Withdraw from the Battle

    When we acknowledge there is ONLY one Power in the Universe – God, the Good, the Omnipotent. Nothing and no one can take away our good or our inheritance of grace.

    There is only one way that anything could have power over the Higher Consciousness of Love, and that is if we give it power to do so. And how often times we do.

    I recall one evening fretting over finances to the point I got down on my knees, assuming prayful position in front of my living room chair. Crying from fear, I fervently prayed, “God, please, please, take care of me.” Just then I felt a different energy in my body; it was very grounded and calm.

    “I thought I was,” It said. I looked around the room and noticed the comfortable leather couch, the cozy kitchen, and flowers on the dining room table. I thought of the food in my fridge, running water in my faucets, and a warm bed to tuck myself in at night. Immediately, the tears stopped.

    “Oh,” I said. I got up from my kneeling position and went to read a novel. The Divine was showing me there was nothing to fear – it was only my head that made it so. And, instantly, I could return to One Power and One Mind and see my life from His/Her perspective.

    A Course in Miracles tells us to take our darkness to the light. Which is to say, present your worries and concerns to your Higher Self and give your attention to the One Power that exists within you – Love. Allow for a new perspective to enter when you choose to take your attention away from your concerns and stop giving any power to them. Instead, turn your focus to God.

    “If you see them [dark companions], it is only because you are denying the light. But deny them instead, for the light is here and the way is clear.”

    A Course in Miracles T- 11.III.9-10

    If anything seems lacking in your life:

    • Go within. Turn to your prayer, your meditation, nature, and let go of your cares and concerns for just a while.
    • Allow yourself, for just these few moments, to put your consciousness on something bigger than you.
    • Rest in the comfort of that, and if you mind wants to jump in with a “yeah, but”, instead of denying the One Power, deny the power of any seeming problem over the One Power.
    • Know you are an extension of that Power in form. Trust It to take care of Itself.
    • Take a deep breath and affirm, “I will be okay because I am loved. I don’t need to know more than that.” Then do the next thing in front of you and watch with curiosity how this Power unfolds with grace and miracles.

    You are safe, you are loved, and you are led – always.

    Stop Resisting Your Life; the Spiritual Process of Change

    The Magic Behind Surrender

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