• You Can Only Receive in This Moment

    Her mind had been ruminating over some big questions lately, regarding a new home and career. The future loomed large, but instead of researching answers, she found herself spending a few hours googling beach retreats.

    Guilt ridden, she said, “Maybe I’m just trying to run away from my problems and my family. Everyone is getting on my nerves lately. I should just be grateful, I mean, I have so much.”

    But the truth was, she wasn’t trying to run away. She was longing to get away. There’s a difference.

    When resentments and irritability creep into our lives, it means somewhere we are not taking care of ourselves. We are not listening to our Spirit. Instead, we’re justifying, minimizing, and judging ourselves and others. But this won’t solve the problem, and it won’t bring you answers.

    Only listening to our heart does that.

    Spirit speaks to us through our longings and discontents. When you find yourself repeatedly dreaming of being on a beach by yourself, or planting flowers in the yard, or even cleaning out your closet, that’s Spirit.

    But how does that solve our problems – the big ones dominating our minds that could change our lives?

    The answer is you won’t know until you do it. Noticing the discontent and acting on the longing is your next step.  And as much as we’d like the answers to come to us in a loud, booming, clear directive, that‘s not the way Spirit usually communicates.

    Your guidance, your Higher Self, speaks to you in small steps and impulses for the day. It knows what is easiest for you, what you can do, and what’s manageable in your life.  And so, It sends you desires or ideas. When we act on these, we find our next step. We may find it through a conversation, music lyrics, or just feeling better and gaining a new perspective. The point is to act on the longing without trying to understand it or figure it out.

    When I went through a depressive time in my life, my heart longed for coffee shops and books on transitions. My head, however, reminded me that I should be working on developing my business and networking. As I followed my head’s practicality, I sunk deeper, cried more often, and felt more hopeless. Finally, I saw a therapist who gave me the permission I couldn’t give myself to do what my heart wanted to do.

    As I settled in the local Panera with a coffee and book, something freed within me. It was as if all that was knotted and immovable loosened, and I could breathe. My body relaxed, my mind let go, and lo and behold, I felt alive again. Ideas and inspirations came to me as I read, some small and some more grandiose. And they continue to come as I follow my heart without judgement.

    When longings tug at you like tired children, and resentments grow like weeds, it’s time to take stalk of your Spirit.

    What is the thought that brings relief?

    What is the desire making its way to your consciousness?

    Can you give yourself permission to act on it?


    It doesn’t matter if you get it exact, what matters is you follow the flavor of the message and do what you can.

    And that’s how it happens, we receive one impulse at a time.

    “The past nor the future matter not. All that is available is in the here and now where giving and receiving occur.”

    A Course of Love

    When you catch yourself being unreasonable and full of resentment, try these steps back to sanity – back to your path.

    • Slow down. Get out in nature and give yourself permission to get quiet.

    • Pay attention to your heart’s longing without judgement or justification.

    • Decide, “I can’t do everything, but I can do this”, and do it, even if it’s just gathering information.

    • Schedule it in your calendar.

    • Let go of the outcome. Your only job is to receive the message and follow it.

    The answers you seek will come to you as you pay attention to the moment you are in today.

    The future is not today’s problem.

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