• You Will Know Your Truth When You Feel Peace


    Back in 2005, I was teaching my first year at low income school in South Carolina. Every day felt like one more step into my own prison. I had loved teaching in Pennsylvania for the last 12 years, but here, there was too much stress, too much demand, and too little time. I was running on fumes and had been for about 6 months.

    On top of it, my marriage was slowly disintegrating piece by piece from a hit the year prior, leaving less and less to hold onto. I was burned out, exhausted, and desperate for an answer from God for what to do.

    My uncertainty and sense of responsibility kept me in the school and in my marriage for that entire year. I didn’t know what life would like without either one.

    Searching will go on until knowing takes it place.

    Things went on that way until one day in May of 2006, I sat in a parking lot crying, and I felt, more than heard, a voice say, “It’s okay. You can leave.” I knew It meant my job and my marriage. Instantly, a peace flooded my body and I understood leaving was the right answer for me.

    That knowing gave me the courage to leave everything without a plan. I trusted I’d be okay because of the peace I felt in my heart.

    When we follow our heart, peace is the result, and a new and better reality opens.

    Anytime we feel trapped in our circumstances, we are not trusting what our heart knows to be true, so we say, “I don’t know” or “I can’t do that”. It’s the fear of the unknown future that keeps us from trusting what our heart is telling us.

    When we perceive ourselves as trapped or a victim in our lives, we’ve lost touch with the Only Power that exists. Instead, we are seeing other people and circumstances as holding power over us.

    Likewise, when we realize our truth and think “How am I going to do that? What will happen to me? I must be the one to make it happen”, I have now created two powers – mine and God’s. When I rely on my own thinking, my own strategizing, or my own controlling, I have separated from the only Power that exists in my life. My life will demonstrate that division through stress, overwhelm, and fear.

    But there is only One Power that exists – the Power of the Creator.

    I’ve been practicing these principles for quite a while and have learned to rely more on what I know than on false fears or appearances. And what I know is I am of One Power. Nothing and no one can take that away.  And so, common sense tells us, if we are only of this One Power, then we need not fear a future because no other power exists.

    You don’t have to know how. You don’t have to know when. You don’t have to know what. Just know. Focus on this only.

    You will know you’ve gotten there when peace becomes present.

    The Process:

    1. Know there is only One Power, therefore no other power exists.
    2. Suspend judgement of yourself, the situation, and others. Leave room for “I don’t know.”
    3. Be honest and real with yourself about what brings peace to your body and mind.
    4. Be willing to act in the direction of your heart, however small. Trust the process.
    5. Be patient. Wait for the outward demonstration to catch up with the inward knowing.
    6. Be grateful for the gifts that are coming.

    It never fails. I’ve had friends, jobs, clients, homes, relationships, inspirations, and serendipitous circumstances all come into my life when I trusted what I knew to be true and didn’t get caught up in the how of it all.

    As the bible tells us, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

    Be free of fear today.

    “His knowledge will bring peace without question…Know God and accept His certainty.”

    A Course in Miracles



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