• Your Soul is Always Talking to You- Follow the Breadcrumbs


    “Well, that’s interesting,” she said. Lisa was a friend of mine and during our discussion about recapturing aliveness in our lives, she recalled a past memory of riding horses when she was younger.

    “Pay attention,” I said. “Your soul is always talking to you.” This was news to Lisa, who, admittedly, had let the thought pass by like a pleasant scent.

    Sometimes it’s just a blip on our radar screen- a small moment when an unexpected feeling of joy burbles up. It may only last a second, but it’s there. Our soul guides us to what would be best for us by quietly intruding upon our normal thoughts, leaving a footprint of longing, joy, or relief behind.

    Our soul is the part of us connected to our Higher Self. It is the part in alignment with our Life Source. It speaks through our heart, not our head, which is unfortunate because so many of us have been trained to navigate life from our heads and not our hearts, so listening becomes a practice.

    Lisa’s nanosecond memory was her soul’s way of reminding her of what brought joy and freedom into her life. Does that mean she should take up horseback riding? Not necessarily. But it does mean she should look into it and be curious what she will discover.

    The key is to continue to follow the breadcrumbs.

    The changes our soul asks of us can be simple ones- spend more time outside, make a phone call to a significant person, or buy flowers to add beauty to our lives.

    As we become better listeners, the voice inside becomes stronger.

    Sometimes, the changes are more difficult and challenge our comfort zone as we align further – quit your job, leave a relationship, or move. Don’t panic though, none of these must be done in one giant step. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily time to act. Your soul realizes acceptance takes time.

    How do you know you’ve finally reached a place of acceptance?

    When you feel peace about it – that is when you know. A part of you may feel frightened to follow such guidance, but a deeper part of you knows what you need or don’t need.

    You put yourself in alignment with your Inner Being – even if you’re unsure if the action is the “right one”.  A little willingness on our part is all that is required for Source to do Its part. The Course in Miracles states, “It is always the result of your small willingness combined with the unlimited power of God’s Will.”

    If we can remain open to the possibility whatever we are longing for can happen, the next step (and frustratingly for our ego- ONLY the next step) will be revealed. The proof will come as you take a chance and see how experiences unfold for you.

    Remember we are following  breadcrumbs. Patience is part of the practice.

    One thing you can be sure of, however, whatever your soul is asking of you, it will always lead you to deeper love, more freedom, and greater fulfillment.

    You are safe, you are loved, and you are led- always.


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